(Obsolete) ACR30 USB

(Obsolete) ACR30 USB
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The ACR30 USB desktop reader from ACS is a well established model housed in an attractive blue case. This reader is fully PC/SC and EMV Level 1 compliant and supports all ISO 7816 microprocessor-based smartcards as well as many popular memory cards.

Ideal for many smartcard-based applications on desktop PCs, the reader comes complete with WHQL approved Windows drivers, as well as support for other operating systems such as Linux.

The ACR30 is a popular and cost-effective smartcard reader that maintains a reputation for excellent functionality and widespread compatibility. The lightweight, stylish design offers an integrated LED and easy access to the card slot.

This product is obsolete and has been replaced by the ACR38.

ACx30 series

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The ACR30 Serial is a single chip solution that has been certified by EMV Level 1, FCC, CE and Microsoft WHQL.

Standard PC/SC drivers for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP, Linux and Mac OS X come with every product. Synchronous API drivers are also available for the same range of operating systems from the ACS website.

Standards and Certifications
EMV Level 1
Microsoft WHQL

Protocols / Cards Supported:
Supports all microprocessor-based smartcards using T=0 or T=1 protocols as well as the following memory cards:-
SiemensSLE4406, SLE4418, SLE4428, SLE4432, SLE4442, SLE4436 (on request), SLE5536 (on request)
AtmelAT88SC06 and AT24C01 16
STMicroelectronicsST1305, ST14C02C AND ST14C04C
GemPlusGPM103, GFM1K, GFM2K, GFM4K, GFM8K, GPM2K and GPM8K
SchlumbergerPrimeflex Store 2K / 8K and Open 2K / 4

Technical Specifications:
Connection methodRS-232 (Serial)
Supplied voltageRegulated 5V DC
Supplied current<100mA (Without Smartcard)
Card contactsSliding, rated to min. 100,000 insertions
CLK Frequency3.68 / 4 MHz
Drivers For USB interfaces, serial pnp interfaces and serial non-pnp interfacesPC/SC for Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003
Windows XP, Vista, XP 64
Windows Vista 64, Windows 2003 x64
Synchronous API

Manufacturer: ACS

Connection Method: RS232

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