FeliCa RC-S802 NFC Dynamic Tag - 11 x 19.5mm

FeliCa RC-S802 NFC Dynamic Tag - 11 x 19.5mm
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The FeliCa RC-S802 NFC Dynamic Tag from Sony is a 11 x 19.5mm contactless tag interface module that operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with the NFC specifications. Rather than having any on-board data storage capabilities, it is designed to be integrated into other devices that can provide the tag data on each request, enabling it to return different responses each time it is read.

Also known as the FeliCa Plug, the NFC Dynamic Tag is suitable for a wide range of applications in various markets including healthcare, factory automation, smart meters and consumer electronics. It enables transfer of data between NFC phones/readers and electronic equipment and gadgets, without needing to use complex peer to peer (P2P) mode communications.

The module is equipped with a simple cable interface which can be controlled using a low-speed host CPU, and has a wireless field detection circuit that enables the host to be woken from sleep mode as soon as the reader field is detected. The tag module itself has a standby current consumption of 0.1uA or less, making it highly suitable for use in battery-operated devices.

Products that already use this technology include:
  • A pedometer that transfers walking data to a PC or NFC phone when touched
  • A glucose meter that transfers daily blood glucose data to a PC when placed over a USB reader
  • A blood pressure monitor that sends data to an online healthcare management system via an NFC mobile phone.
The module is fully NFC Forum type 3 compliant and can operate at a distance of up to 10mm depending on the power provided by the NFC enabled device.

The FeliCa RC-S802 module is supplied as a 11 x 19.5 x 2.95mm PCB with an 8-way flexible flat cable connector. Full documentation and open source code samples for the Arduino prototyping platform are available on request.

Pricing is per module.

FeliCa RC-S801 and RC-S802 NFC Dynamic Tags

Technical Specification
Operating distanceRC-S801: 10mm (when using RC-S320/S330)
RC-S802: 10mm (when using RC-S320/S330)
Temperature/Humidity0C - 40C (32F - 104F)/20%RH - 90%RH
40C - 50C (104F - 122F)/50%RH or less
External dimensionsRC-S801: 20 x 24 x 2.95mm
RC-S802: 11 x 19.5 x 2.95
MassRC-S801: Approx. 0.73g
RC-S802: Approx. 0.45g
Operating voltage1.8V - 3.7V
Consumption currentOperation mode: 1mA or less (no load)
Standby mode (RF non-detection): 0.1 uA or less
ConnectorFPC/FFC 8-pole bottom connection type, pitch: 0.5mm
Applicable FPC/FFC thickness: 0.3mm

Contactless interface
StandardsISO/IEC 18092 (212kbps passive mode)
Operating frequency13.56 MHz
ModulationASK modulation
Bit codingManchester encoding system
Communication speed212 kbps

Communication methodThree-wire half-duplex serial interface (Sony specification)
Communication speedDependent on host CPU (Max. 1 Mbps)

Manufacturer: Sony

FeliCa RC-S801 and RC-S802 NFC Dynamic Tags
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