(Obsolete) ACR1251

(Obsolete) ACR1251
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The ACR1251U from ACS is a 13.56 MHz desktop USB contactless reader designed for advanced NFC and other contactless applications. The reader supports ISO 14443 Type A and B cards and all 4 types of NFC (ISO/IEC 18092) cards and tags.

To ensure a high level of security for NFC and contactless operations, the ACR1251 comes complete with a built-in SAM slot, which enables the incorporation of further security measures including key diversification and mutual authentication. The reader supports firmware upgradability as well as remote post-deployment firmware updates.

PCSC and CCID compliant, this compact and trendy reader is ideal for any contactless smartcard application including network login, online banking, personal identity verification and micropayment, as well as NFC applications including smart posters and loyalty systems.

This product is obsolete and has been replaced by the ACR1252.
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